Thank you, PRP and Valley Station. Thank you, Shawnee and Russell. Thank you, Butchertown. Thank you, Highlands. Thank you, Okolona. Thank you, Fern Creek. Thank you, Prospect. This is a victory for the entire city, from county line to county line. We are one city, one family. Together, we celebrate a brighter future for our hometown.

We celebrate a future in which we put Louisville back to work. We celebrate a future in which every neighborhood is important and every person is welcome. We celebrate a future in which we will create the best city government in America – a city where innovation, job creation and world class excellence becomes our daily goal.

I am honored and humbled to be elected your mayor and to lead our city into the 21st Century. When I announced this campaign more than a year ago, I said it wasn’t worth winning unless our campaign represented all the faces of Louisville – East, West, and South; business leaders and labor; people of all colors, ages and orientations; internationals and American-born.

Together, we have won. Together, our city has won. Together, we will rebuild our economy, grow our can-do spirit, grow a great entrepreneurial city, build on our strengths, and get Louisville moving again.

The race is over but our job has just begun.

— Greg